Please provide Name and your email-id.
Please provide Name of business and nature of business.
S.No Income Yes/No
1 Income & expenses from trade/profession-
(Note: If you are self-employed and not using ltd company and Makesworth is your accountant. We prepare your accounts from data already received).
Self Employment Income or in a Partnership-
A. Personal bank Statement for tax period 2017-2018. Yes No
B. Expenses Receipts and Purchase invoices Yes No
C. Sales Invoices Yes No
D. Tax deduction certificates (Working in construction industry) Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
2 Earnings from employment
2017/18 P60(s) & March 2018 payslip Yes No
2017/18 P45(s) & last payslip at each post held Yes No
2017/18 P11Ds (details of taxable benefits and expenses) Yes No
Any PAYE coding notices for 2017/18 received from HMRC Yes No
Any deductible expenses- (For example, Professional fees & Subscriptions, healthcare,travelling (excluding to and from work),mileage paid at less than 45p/mile,overalls and cleaning cost – which have not been reimbursed fully by your employer Yes No
Note- If you are Sole director using your own limited company and Makesworth is your accountant and provide you payroll service we have your P60
S.No Income Yes/No
3 Pension income received
State retirement/widows pension:
A. Weekly rate from 6 April 2017 Yes No
B. New rate from 6 April 2018
(Letter from DWP For State Pension)
Yes No
2017/18 P60(s) Ex employer pensions/personal pensions Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
If you have taken any lump sums or drawdowns from any pension (this includes private or state), please supply details. Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
for example, Jobseekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Statutoryredundancy payments etc Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Income from Property Yes No
(include property situated in the UK and/orabroad) Please statehow many properties and whether the property is let under furnished holiday letting rules or European Economic Area or unfurnished, Jointly owned or if you are claiming Rent a Room relief, Please provide us with income and expenses summaries. Yes No
Rents receivable for all months arising in the year Yes No
Expenses incurred e.g. maintenance, repairs, renewals, agents fees, service charges, ground rent. Yes No
Mortgages- Please provide name of lender(s) and certificate of interest paid from mortgage lender for tax year 2017/18. Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
(If applicable, full schedules from your stockbroker are fine - please ensure both capital and income pages are included) Yes No
Interest from banks, building societies, and other institutions Yes No
Dividends from shares (cash, stock,authorized unit trusts, open-Ended investment companiesor from foreign companies) Yes No
Chargeable event certificates from bond withdrawals/surrender Yes No
Interest on any compensation payments received (e.g. PPI claims) Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
UK residents are taxable on their WORLDWIDE income.Please provide details (example Rental, pensions, employment, investment income, other) Please state joint or sole. Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Including from Trusts and Estates (R185 certificates required), and Gifts of cash or assets. Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Contributions made to personal (stakeholder, employee or self-employed) pension schemes or retirement annuity policies. Yes No
This also includes contributions to any overseas pension schemes. Yes No
If you are a member of any defined benefit scheme (e.g. NHS/civil service) please provide copy correspondence from the scheme administrator for Annual Allowance charges purposes. Yes No
if company is made pension contributions then please don’t inform to us Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Please provide certificates of investment. Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Details of Gift Aid donations, Please indicate if payments are regular or one-off or provide Gift Aid/td> Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Give details of assets disposed of during the year - enclose contract notes/invoices/completion statements for both sale and purchase of asset (property, land, shares etc) Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Give details of changes in circumstances from previous year including marriage, civil partnership, separation,divorce. Yes No
If you are married or have a civil partner and one is basic rate taxpayer and the other a non- taxpayer,would you like to claim marriage tax allowance? Yes No
If Makesworth is not deal with your spouse or civil partner's tax affairs, please can you confirm if their income is under £11,000 for 2017/18 Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Did you have a student loan existing at any point in 2017/18? If so, can you please confirm which of the following it was: Plan 1 : Loans taken out between Sept 1988 and Sept 2012. Plan 2 : Loans taken out post Sept 2012. Please provide all details including your most recent loan statement from the Student (or other) Loan Company, even if it was repaid in the year. Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
Did you or your partner received child benefit? Did any one of you earn more than £50,000 If yes to both, provide us with the total amount of child benefit you and your partner received from 06 April 2017 to 05 April 2018 and for how many childrens.
If both you and partner income more than £50000 whichever one of you income is higher will have to pay child benefit charge
Yes No
S.No Income Yes/No
If you think any other information may be relevant in relation to your tax return then please inform us. Yes No

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