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Business Growth & Planning

Are You Thinking Of Expanding Your Service?

You Have Come To The Right Place!

Entrepreneurs thinking of expanding the business means that their initial business plan has worked very well and therefore they are ready to grow now. So having the hard work paid off, you need to be proud of your achievements and also be ready for more hard-work to gain more growth in your business.

Business expansion will involve a lot of time, money and effort in regards to planning, cash flow management, growth strategy development. All types of investment come with risk and therefore, the right team of professionals is required to guide you through every step and ensure that your plans are designed for a smooth implementation.

Why Choose Makesworth?

  • We are a team of practical and experienced professional to assist you in your journey of business expansion.
  • Once the plan is set up, our team will provide you with valuable insights and advice as we go along together.
  • Assistance provided in the preparation of business plans and goals.
  • Preparation of financial statements with relevant forecasts
  • Advice provided in regards to Mergers & Acquisitions for your business
  • Market analysis and presentation highlighting potential strengths and weaknesses
  • Tax efficiency is ensured with expenses kept to a minimum with maximum profit to make sure that your costs are reduced in the process of business growth.
  • Your business needs for additional capital investment will be analyzed and advise will be presented to you accordingly.

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Year End Accounts

Makesworth takes its profession seriously enabling their clients to comply with the laws and regulations. We can understand that these processes are administrative and can be ambiguous for the clients to prepare.


Cloud Accounting & Support

With the advancement of technology, it is vital we have access to real-time financial information to be able to track how your business is faring, whilst empowering you to make the decisions


Company Formation

We will not overload you with any technical jargons rather make it crystal clear for you to decide on what exact information you would like to register for your new company. We have a panel of specialists who will guide you



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