Tax Rates & Allowances

Personal tax rates and allowances are generally set for income tax years running to 5 April. Corporate rates and allowances are set for financial years running to 31 March.

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  • Capital allowances

    Plant and machinery allowances and the allowances available for other assets.

  • Capital gains tax

    Standard and higher rates of capital gains tax (CGT) together with the annual exemption. The special rate of CGT and the limit applying for entrepreneurs’ relief purposes.

  • Corporation tax

    Companies pay corporation tax on their income and gains. View the current rates and estimate the tax due.

  • Child benefit

    Weekly amounts of child / working tax credits and child benefit.

  • Income Tax

    Estimate your personal income tax liability using the current rates. View the current rates here.

  • National insurance

    Earnings thresholds and contribution percentages for Class 1 (employed), Class 2 and 4 (self-employed) and Class 3 (voluntary) national insurance contributions.

  • Pensions

    Details of the amounts of tax relievable pension contributions for individuals and employers.

  • Vehicles

    Calculate the taxable benefit using the relevant tables for employer provided cars, vans and related fuel.

  • Value added tax

    The current VAT percentages and the annual registration and deregistration thresholds.

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