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Research & Development Tax Credits

Have You Missed Out On Some Tax That Could Have Been Saved? Here we have a designed a simple guide for you to understand the usefulness of Research & Development Tax Credits.

UK Government has initiated the incentive to encourage innovation in various industrial sectors where it is an opportunity provided to companies to use their financial resources in research and development (R&D) and claim the expenses against your corporation tax bill.

It is a misconception that people have in their minds today by being put off with the thought such that R&D Tax Credits can only be claimed by scientists and such related researchers. But this is not the case. This area is open to all the businesses who wish to invest their valuable time in researching for the growth and development of their business using their business hours and resources.

Eligibility For R&D Tax Credits

As it is not possible for us to list the entire criteria list of R&D tax credit qualifying activities, we have explained the criteria as set by the UK Government in a few simple points mentioned below:

  • The project needs to be contributing towards the advancement in science & technology may it be in any scale small or big;
  • The reason for the R&D needs to be elaborated with the uncertainty faced by the business;
  • An explanation has to be provided as of how the R&D contributed to overcoming the challenge faced by the business;
  • Explanation on how the issue could be resolved by a professional in the particular field.

Once these criteria are met, R&D tax credit can be claimed where you could save thousands in your tax bill.

Makesworth’s Services For You

We have noticed that a vast majority of businesses have not claimed their R&D Tax Credit where they are missing out on significant Tax Saving Opportunities. At Makesworth, we make sure that you do not miss out on any such opportunities with the help of our specialist team of expert tax advisors who are here to help you grow.

Just Three Steps To Your R&D Tax Credit Claim

  1. We will guide you with the eligibility criteria of R&D and get as much information as about your business we can through our discussion. [This is a free consultation that we provide so we do not charge for this. You can just call us anytime.]
  2. After we have analyzed for circumstances, if you do meet the eligibility criteria of R&D Tax Credit then we will first share this good news with you and straightaway file your claim with HMRC after your consent has been received.
  3. The last step is to just sit back and relax to receive the R&D Tax Credit from HMRC and save thousands on your tax bill which could be used for the further growth of your business.
Wasn’t That Simple. So If You Are Still Looking Forward To Saving Thousands On Your Tax Bill The Call Us Today at 020 7993 8850 To Book A Free Consultation.

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