Corporate Social Responsibility

A Way To Give Back – Making a Difference!

Keeping Corporate Social Responsibility in mind, Makesworth wanted to involve in community focussed activity and as a way of giving back – but we did not know the best way to make a positive impact. The team in St. Luke’s were amazing in guiding us through this process where we were able to make a difference in a real level for the people whose illnesses are no longer curable, enabling them to achieve the best possible quality of life during the final stages of their illness.

Makesworth believes that support no matter big or small is vital for the long-term future of humanity and its community which is why we have become a part of B1G1 Business For Good.

Respect Your Home – EARTH!

Makesworth strongly believes in emphasizing on sustainable use of the resources available to us so that the future generations can enjoy them in the same way as we are doing today. As a business, we have an important role to play in protecting and preserving our environment.

There are some strategies and initiatives planned and implemented by us in order to develop the habit of making a difference. Some are listed below:

  • We completely discourage the use of plastic cups and spoons in the office.
  • Making sure that the lights and computers are turned off after work along with the use of LED energy saving lighting in the office.
  • Reducing the use of excessive paper in the office and the use of digital technology as much as possible with a plan to create a paperless system.
  • Introduction of a recycling process for the waste.
  • Wherever it is possible, we try to support and make use of our local businesses for various supplies.

Look After Your Employees and They Will Look After Your Clients!

We have a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels. This tends to develop better relationships with co-workers, and we are even more productive. We tackle any issues together where everyone’s opinion is welcomed, and we celebrate our achievements together too.

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