Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

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Thank you for taking the Customer satisfaction Survey. The survey should take less than five minutes of your time to complete.

Makesworth Accountants is firmly committed to customer satisfaction. As a part of our continuing effort to evaluate our service, please complete the questionnaires. Through its completing you will help us not only to improve our services but also to improve and develop our mutual business relations.

Please tick the appropriate box to indicate your degree of satisfaction. Where 1= Excellent 2= Good 3= Satisfactory 4= Poor

Overall customer satisfaction

1. How satisfied are you with the overall service(s)?
2. Does the service meet your expectations?
3. Does the service correspond to an ideal performance?


1. How satisfied are you with service quality?
2. Is it clear who is responsible for your concern?
3. To what extent is the contact person available if required?
4. Do you feel your Account manager is competent, open and tactful?
5. Are the responses/ behavior of the Account manager accommodating and helpful?
6. Can you rely on your Account manager delivering fast and good solutions/service?
7. How satisfied are you with the response to queries?
8. Does the service correspond to the agreement of the contract?
9. Do you feel the service processes are transparent and comprehensible?


1. How appropriately and professionally do you feel the customer service staff conduct themselves?
2. How knowledgeable are our sales staff when it comes to answering client questions?
3. How willing are our sales staff to listen to the client’s complaint?
4. Does the sales staff demonstrate a sincere interest in resolving customer concerns?
5. How responsive is the team to complaints?

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