Employee wellbeing in 2021

Employee wellbeing in 2021

Employee wellbeing in 2021

The pandemic has encouraged most businesses to focus on the wellbeing of their team.

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. As most businesses were forced to shift to remote working, the importance of employee wellbeing moved towards the top of the agenda. Firms around the world were grappling with the challenge of how to keep their team motivated, healthy and productive. So what does employee wellbeing look like in 2021?

A business is nothing without its people. Therefore, focusing on employee wellbeing is a good strategy for building a strong and resilient business.  The huge shift to virtual working in 2020 means that more and more people will be working remotely than ever before. As such, it makes sense to invest in weekly or monthly wellbeing events for your team. These don’t have to be expensive and could consist of team mindfulness classes, a book club, or a team baking competition over video conference.

Throughout 2020 many firms reported that employees struggled to separate work life from home life as they were literally working from the kitchen table. Many employees struggled to switch off from work and ended up exhausted. Investing in time management and prioritisation training for your team can help them to improve their work/life balance.

Encourage your team to adopt healthier working practices. A sedentary lifestyle is a major health risk. Businesses can do their bit by encouraging people to have standing meetings, take part in monthly fitness challenges or even use a standing desk rather than a sitting desk. Businesses are also focusing on personal development. Employees want to progress in order to have meaningful careers. The best businesses encourage their people to learn and grow which in turn, helps employees to feel valued – so they stay rather than go to a competitor.

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